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Company Profile:
Thinking Systems is a service oriented company founded to help streamline your operations. We work with your analysts to identify repetitive tasks that can be automated, and then provide software solutions that automate these tasks. We provide a full system solution, starting from the identification and analysis of the automation need, through implementation of the software solution and training of your staff on the use of this implementation.
Our Mission:
Thinking Systems is dedicated to working side by side with our customers to provide intelligent, easy-to-use software systems that streamline your operations. We specialize in tailored software solutions that work with you, making your team more productive.
Contact Information
6441 N Camino Libby
Tucson, Arizona 85718
Our Specialties:
We specialize in the design, implementation, and delivery of models of physical systems for the aerospace and telecommunications communities. Our accomplishments include design and enhancements to commercial aerospace and telecommunications software systems. You can read more about these solutions by following the links on this page. Please come in and look around.

Thinking Systems, Inc.