Software Development

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Software Development
Thinking Systems has delivered operational software enhancements to commercial aerospace systems, and to companies providing wireless data analysis. We deliver quality solutions designed to meet our customer's needs, in a timely manner, and respond quickly to customer feedback. Our systems are developed using state of the art tools.
Key Benefits
In summary, we work with you to be sure the delivered software meets your needs.
Samples of Delivered Projects
Attitude Visualization for Spacecraft Flight Dynamics
Thinking Systems enhanced the visualization of spacecraft attitude and sensor footprint data, ensuring that the calculated data matched the visualization, and integrated this enhancement into the system for our customer.
Measurement Data Analysis for Wireless Telecommunications
The MDA system is a tool integrated into commercial wireless signal analysis software. Thinking Systems developed this tool based on the input provided by the users of the system, and helped to ensure that the delivered system slid smoothly into the application.